Mortgage Broking & Car Finance

In addition to our financial planning and important cash flow work, we also operate a qualified mortgage broking service that specialises in home loans, refinancing and construction loans.

Don’t forget we’re also accredited to handle your car finance for you as well, which is another common area where you can end up paying thousands of unnecessary dollars.

It is important to us that our clients feel supported and well advised when they are borrowing money. How you borrow money is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. If you don’t get it right, the impact can be felt for a long time and jeopardise your family’s goals and objectives.

At first glance, it might look like banks and other lenders offer pretty-much the same thing – but the fine detail can amount to tens-of-thousands of dollars difference over the life of the loan.

We work with you to assess you individual financial circumstances to determine the type of loan that is most appropriate for you. Using the most up to date information available, we’ll then provide you with a number of options, comparisons and a clear plan for the life of loan you chose.

On top of making sure you understand the way the loan is structure, we’ll take the hard work out of it by managing the process with the lender and completing the paperwork.

So whether you’re a first home buyer, an investor, commercial developer or just want your existing mortgage assessed to see if there’s a better deal for you, we can help.

Fennell West Finance Pty Ltd is Corporate Credit Representative 480075 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 Australian Credit Licence 391237.


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