Estate Planning

What will happen to your assets when you are gone?

Do you have any concerns about who could lay claim to your estate?

Who will make the important decisions if you are unable to?

Because we work closely with our clients and gain such a good understanding of their circumstances, we believe we’re best placed to help you answer these questions and get prepared.

Various studies suggest that less than half of Australians have a Will.

But there’s much more to estate planning than Wills, powers of attorneys and superannuation beneficiaries. It’s about your financial legacy and what you want to achieve should you pass away.

One area where estate planning can get very complicated is when it intersects with aged care planning.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

If for example a couple have left everything to each other and one passes away, the other person would inherit all the assets, potentially lose Centrelink benefits and their aged care fees would likely soar.

This is just one example of how estate planning can be impacted by the need for additional support and care as people get older.